Paramount quality is integrated into every aspect of our projects and we bring the highest standard of quality to all main categories of our operations including Engineering, Design and Construction and Project management of turnkey electrical and city lighting projects.

Powerline Plus not only has the distinction of attracting the most experienced, union trained and certified workers in the industry, but these employees stay and grow with us over time. Today, Powerline Plus boasts the largest number of employees of any company of its kind in the region offering full turnkey solutions to the market.

Powerline Plus Ltd., is a privately owned and established in 1990. We have grown in both size and stature while rapidly moving to the forefront of the industry. We provide quality solutions to public utilities, municipalities and developers, as well as to industrial, national and international manufacturing companies.

Design and Engineering

Engineering and Design excellence is of utmost importance to the industries Powerline serves. Powerline provides turnkey Engineering and Design solutions factoring in budgets, resources, potential risks, and schedules. We engage, coordinate and develop our people and their work to address the challenges of each project by “outside-the-box” approach to reach the maximum quality that our clients deserve with care, reliability, efficiency and safety. At Powerline Plus, we believe that well designed and engineered projects are the key to the success of any project.



Powerline Plus Ltd., is one of the most prominent overhead and underground utility contractors in Ontario, Canada. Our Company is based in Toronto and employs upwards of 300 full time staff with access to additional trades and resources.

Our tremendous work experience in the dense areas of downtown Toronto as well as the suburbs, gives the company a unique advantage in handling projects of any scope nationally or globally. As a commitment to our customers, Powerline Plus Ltd., has continuously invested in the expansion of its construction fleet by purchasing state of the art vacuum and concrete trucks, concrete plant, pulling and tension machines, various types of utility bucket trucks, and a number of other modern hand tools. Our reputation as one of the top contractors in the industry has given us a unique advantage to bid, procure and execute some of the most challenging sites within the GTA.

Our “One-Team” highly trained work force, coupled with an outstanding health and safety records, and an excellent working capital balance qualifies us to be your next choice contractor in a highly competitive and vibrant global economy.



Powerline Plus Ltd.’s procurement and facilities team operates a vast warehouse encompassing the best supplies, tools, equipment and inventory that meets and exceeds Toronto Hydro standards. Our just in time inventory ensures quality supplies received and delivered on time to meet the high demands of our crew’s project needs. Our dedicated warehouse staff and experience skilled procurement management team work together to provide a smooth material requisition and acquisition process for all field workers.


“Powerline Plus is customer focused; Our relationship with our clients is integral to our operations. Mutual respect, integrity and ingenuity are at the core of our business philosophy. Our team continuously strives to exceed customer expectations and industry standards. We take great pride in that many of our customers have been with us since our inception. We are committed to building quality solutions by design.”

Ben Matin,
President & CEO