Building Infrastructure
Powerline Plus is a turnkey engineering, procurement and construction company providing services to Canada’s largest utility companies.

We have consistently met and exceeded our clients’ expectations on time and on budget, while maintaining high quality workmanship and safe work practices.


The ingenuity that goes into our design and engineering is one of the pillars of our success in executing utility projects.


We are known for the superior materials that we supply, and the highest of standards we bring to civil construction.


We help large utility companies build their complex electrical projects with results that generate superior returns.


With multiple crews on call around the clock, Powerline Plus handles the city's utility emergencies.
Design and Engineering, Construction and Procurement

Toronto is a world-class megacity, with a populace of 5 million plus and extensive industrial operations, commercial enterprises, and real estate development taking place every minute.  Here, the municipal utility is the second largest in all north America handling complex infrastructure needs ranging from rehabilitation projects to start-up systems within the dense, urban core of this metropolis.We are so proud that over the past two decades, municipal, industrial and commercial organizations have been turning to us to handle their most pressing infrastructure needs. We are Powerline Plus.

Core Values
Powerline’s steady growth and unprecedented success in utility industry have been fueled by:
Trusted Partnership
Every relationship is as unique as our customer’s needs and is based on mutual respect, integrity and confidence.
Outstanding People
We continually upgrade our people’s skills and invest each of them with uncompromising standards of excellence.
No short cuts. We take pride in meeting or exceeding all technical specifications and safety codes of our projects.

Setting Utility Standards