Powerline Plus, under contract to Toronto Hydro, has begun phase 2 of Project E15568 Clonmore – a rear lot conversion where overhead electrical distribution cables are replaced with a hidden underground design. Currently, the homes in this area are being powered by transformers atop poles in resident’s backyards, making it increasingly challenging for hydro workers and contractors to access and maintain the equipment. A quick drive through this family-friendly community and you’ll see a group of diverse homes including original bungalows nestled between newly built models. Modernizing the electrical distribution system in this area is beneficial to the longevity of each home, old or new.

Powerline was asked to engineer and construct Phase 1 and 2 of the project on behalf of Toronto Hydro to improve the level of reliable service to the area. The civil construction was completed in Phase 1 in the winter of 2015, and Phase 2 construction is now underway. Powerline was able to complete the challenging construction of Phase 1 on schedule and with great support from the community. One resident of Ferncroft Drive, who was affected by the construction in Phase 1 wrote a letter to Powerline’s head office addressed to senior management. In the letter, the resident explained how the crews working in her area were “always polite, helpful, patient, courteous, professional and so much more”. The resident noted how the crew members “answer questions to the best of their ability…using common language when trying to help [homeowners] understand what is taking place”. All Foreman and Supervisory staff, noticeable by their white hard hats, are experienced in communicating with homeowners and do their best to help ease any residents’ concerns throughout construction. With such positive momentum from the first Phase of the project, Powerline Plus is looking forward to just as many successes throughout Phase 2.

The scope of work for Clonmore Phase 2 involves the construction of 12 new underground transformer vaults, approximately 36 tap boxes and hundreds of meters of new concrete encased conduit eventually housing primary electrical cable. The project timeline is from February 2016 with the electrical Phase carrying over into late 2017.

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