t’s that time of year once again: Winter. Where the days get shorter, the snow begins to fall, and your furnace is working overtime. While snow and below freezing temperatures may slow construction operations, they certainly don’t stop them. Powerline Plus works on various projects throughout the winter season, taking extra precaution when digging where frost is present. Our minimally invasive vacuum excavation and other tried and true winter construction methods enable us to continue working on our projects throughout the cold months of January through March. This makes it easy to fulfill all obligations to our clients, providing quality solutions that are delivered on time and within budget.

While our civil and electrical crews continue to work throughout the winter, safety is, as always, our top priority.  We provide warm winter high visibility/fire retardant gear to all our workers who face the elements including winter jackets, gloves, hats, coveralls and more. Our large fleet of trucks and small vehicles are serviced with an essential winter tire installation and tune-up by our in house mechanic shop. In addition, we hold our annual safety meeting during the first months of the year, where discussions and presentations revolve around working safe in all conditions.

Some of our current winter projects include: Sheppard and Victoria Park Underground Rebuild, Hogg’s Hollow Phase 4 Electrical Rebuild, Adelaide and Yonge Vault Rebuild, Greystone Walk Underground Rebuild, Eastwood Underground Rebuild, and many more.

Short term planned and controlled power outages are scheduled on various projects throughout the winter months, but it is important to be prepared for emergency situations where the duration of a power outage may be unknown. Follow Toronto Hydro’s tips here to learn what to include in a 72-hour emergency kit in case winter weather wreaks havoc on your local distribution system.

Although not all aspects of a project can be completed in the winter, such as topsoil and sod restoration, Powerline Plus ensures to tie up any loose ends come the spring. Once snow and frost begin to melt, its business as usual while we gear up for another busy and successful year!

Stay Warm and Happy New Year!